About Us

Here to Help You Assert Your Rights in The Sharing Economy

Our start-up Fairbnbclaim Ltd. was founded in 2018 after an Amsterdam based serial entrepreneur Robert Michel Kreuger decided that something effective had to be done against the misuse of the term 'sharing' and the often negative effects it has on homeowners and hosts as well as tenants and guests of homes shared in the world's most beloved cities and communities. Today our international partners' team consists of specialized professional consultants and partner law firms.

What is explicitly often not shared by any of early adopters of the “sharing economy” is a responsibility. When something goes horribly wrong with an Airbnb, HomeAway, or any other home 'sharing' or bed and breakfast transaction, it often feels like the companies say: “It wasn’t me" or they simply try to break your claim avoiding any type of responsibility or accountability.

Fairbnbclaim Ltd. is the independent consulting firm for all claims concerning home-sharing and bed & breakfast company disputes and law-suits.

If you are a professional real estate management firm, an individual tenant/guest or a property owner/host in trouble we will share our legal knowledge and global network with you.

Our independent specialized legal partners will review your claim free of charge. We will provide you with an estimation of your chances and make you an offer to submit your claim if it is worthwhile.

If you like to discuss your claim with us, please fill out the form available on our website.