Hosts: How to Claim Your Airbnb Coronavirus Cancelation Refund

Airbnb hosts coronavirus compensation

Recently, Airbnb has faced criticism from hosts over its refund policies related to the coronavirus pandemic. The company now tries to ease the pain for the hosts who have already lost of a lot of reservations as a result of coronavirus pandemic.


Here is an email Co-founder, CEO and Head of Community Brian Chesky sent to Airbnb hosts this week outlining actions to support them through the COVID-19 crisis. Airbnb announced several key initiatives and policies, including $250 million USD to help accommodation hosts impacted by COVID-19-related cancellations. Here they explain how it works.


How to Claim Your Compensation

For eligible accommodations reservations, Airbnb will pay hosts 25% of what they would’ve received for a normal cancellation. Review Airbnb’s Extenuating circumstances policy and the coronavirus (COVID-19) to determine if you quality for a 25% refund. Airbnb says that the hosts who qualify for a compensation will be contacted as from early April.


How We Can Help You
If you do not have time to claim it yourself or if Airbnb does not contact you yet you believe you qualify for a refund, reach out to us as we might be able to offer you our representation. Fill out our claim form for hosts and one of our claims specialists will be in touch with you.


Airbnb Promises Even More Help for Hosts

Airbnb has also announced this week that they are creating a $10 million Superhost Relief Fund for its superhosts and experience hosts. Beginning in April, hosts can apply for grants up to $5,000. And for guests who want to show hosts their support during this time, they will soon be able to make payments directly to hosts. Airbnb says if you meet the eligibility criteria, they’ll invite you to apply and start sending out grants in late April 2020.


Airbnb explains further on their website that this specific fund supports hosts from every country and region except mainland China, where hosts already have a dedicated assistance program.

To qualify, hosts who offer a place to stay must:

  • Only share their primary or secondary residence—no more than 2 active listings
  • Show a reliance on Airbnb as a vital source of income
  • Have a verified identity
  • Have been a Superhost for 1+ years
  • Have lost a significant percentage of their earnings due to COVID-19

Airbnb further explains saying that they will be reviewing applications carefully and will select only those hosts who demonstrate the most need.


Get in Touch!

 Until just a few weeks ago, the sharing economy was the fastest growing business trend and looked like the future. As coronavirus pandemic has hit enormously the travel, tourism, and sharing economy industry, we wonder what does the future look like for all of us. Despite a lot of uncertainty, we have to remain calm and confident that coronavirus spread slows-down soon and the affected industries will recover fast.


In the meantime, if you also have other type of disputes or claims (for example, property damage by guests) that are not older than 2 years from the day of the incident we can review it and help you claim a compensation. Get in touch with us by filling out a claim form or email us at!


Stay safe.